Shea Butter


For centuries, people have relied on Shea butter to keep their skin young and healthy in all weather conditions. The healing powers of the butter have been legendary. This raw butter will pamper and hydrate the skin in the most luxurious way. Shea butter contains vitamins A, E and F, all of which help fight off premature wrinkles and facial lines by keeping your skin healthy, and vitamin F protects and heals skin. It also soothes rough, dry or chapped skin, and helps soften dry and damaged hair, prevents and cures stretch marks! It really is magic in a nutshell ?


Our Shea butter is traditionally handcrafted and 100% natural. And what’s even better? We only produce Grade A unrefined butter, the most precious form of Shea butter. To keep all its healing properties snugly intact, it takes time to make and skills to do it just right. Making Shea butter is centuries-old skill passed down from mother to daughter. And we are keeping this tradition alive.


Always make sure your Shea butter is unrefined. Up to 95% of natural vitamins are removed in refining process in the other grades. Two steps to recognize it: First take a look at the color. The raw (grade A) butter ranges from cream to grayish yellow. This depends on the Shea nuts used. Keep in mind that pure white Shea butter is highly refined and has probably lost most of its healing properties. Unrefined Shea butter has a smoky and nutty aroma, which is absent in all other grades. This smoky scent comes from nuts being roasted over the fire.

Important to know: Always read your Shea label with care. "100% Shea butter" does not automatically mean raw or unrefined Shea butter. A product can be made with ultra-refined Shea butter and still be considered 100% Shea butter, as long as no other ingredients have been added.